• 2017-2018 BOT Rules

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  • Jackson County Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture


    “Best of Texas” Contest Rules


    General Rules


    • A person is registered at the exact time of day that the entry is received and recorded by the “Best of Texas Contest” official site, committee or staff.  (through the mail, email, fax or in person)


    • NEW ENTRY DEADLINE: The LAST DAY TO ENTER the Best Of Texas Big Buck & Big Hog Contest is 5:00 PM November 30th, 2018


    • Once the Contest and season has started, a hunter must enter the contest at least the “DAY BEFORE” the animal harvest to be eligible for an award.


    • The BOT Big Buck/Hog contest will begin 6:00 AM September 29, 2018 and end at 5:00 PM January 25, 2019.
    • Any contestant placing first (1ST) in a Category the year before cannot re-enter that particular Category the following year.  “One Year Layout Rule” – however he or she may enter any of the other Categories.


    • The BEST OF TEXAS contest will be limited to individuals only.


    • The trophy must be measured/weighed within 14 days of harvest, and white-tailed deer will be verified by date of legally executed Texas hunting license tag or TPWD MLD tag date.


    • Deer or hogs that slip hair or have started to decompose, WILL NOT be measured.


    • Contestants must have a valid, current hunting license issued to them before the harvest and all deer and wild hogs submitted for entry in the Best of Texas Contest must be harvested in accordance with all rules/regulations of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.


    • Any contestant caught trying to cheat or commit fraud in the “Best of Texas” Big Buck/Big Hog contest will be automatically disqualified, forfeits their prize and be banned from the contest for LIFE.


    • Apparent Winners of the “Best of Texas” contest may be required to submit to a polygraph test to validate the harvest.  Refusal or failure to show up for the polygraph test will result in disqualification from the contest.


    • All decisions of the “Best of Texas” staff and committee are final.


    • Any tax obligation incurred as the result of any prize awarded herein will be the responsibility of the prize recipient.


    • The “Best of Texas” contest reserves the right to substitute any prizes of equal value.


    • All photographs and score cards will become the property of the “Best of Texas” contest and may be used for future promotions.


    • A contestant can only win ONE (1) prize per animal harvested and scored.


    • A contestant can only win ONE (1) prize per DIVISION.


    • If a contestant qualifies for more than one (1) prize in a DIVISION, the contestant will receive only ONE (1) prize, which will be the prize of the highest place and value.


    • If a contestant qualifies for FIRST prize in MORE THAN ONE DIVISION, the contestant will receive BOTH large prizes and ONLY ONE of the smaller prizes (jacket, cooler, etc. determined by the BOT committee).


    • All animals must be legally harvested as per State and Federal Laws.


    • All prizes are final, “Best of Texas” contest will not buy-back, upgrade, or exchange prizes.


    • Any prize not picked up by the contestant within 30 days after the awards banquet will be forfeited.


    • The trophy harvested must be scored or weighed by an official “Best of Texas” scorer, TBGA scorer or Official B&C scorer to qualify for an award.


    • The primary scoring & weighing locations will be Ganado Feed and More-Ganado, Gulf Coast Feed and More-Victoria, Jackson County Feed-Edna, Jacobs Animal Health Supplies-Edna, Kresta’s Boats and Motors/Double R Firearms-Edna, United Ag-Edna, Top Hand Feed-Ganado and Ganado Sports Shop


    • Youth will be defined as a person who is 16 years of age or less or can legally hunt on a Texas Youth hunting license during the license year as defined by Texas Parks and Wildlife Code Law.


    • A youth contestant may enter more than one division but can ONLY WIN ONE (1) PRIZE per animal harvested. 


    • All scoring will be done during business hours at participating locations.  After hours scoring will be handled on an appointment basis by contacting one of the following scorers:

    Kevin Stancik - (361)920-1710

                            Chad Kinsfather - (361)781-2647

                            Bryan Miska - (361)782-1631

                            Elliott Stancik - (361)771-6715

                            Kevin Davis - (361)782-1959

    • Out of County Scorers for the entire State of Texas are available by calling (361)782-7146 or contacting Kevin Stancik at (361) 920-1710


    Buck Contest Rules


    • Best of Texas Committee reserves the right to rescore antlers.


    • Antlers must be attached to a significant portion of the head of a freshly harvested whitetail deer.  At minimum, a portion of the skull, including eye sockets, must be attached to the antlers in their original state. 


    • Any contestant who brings in a trophy illegally tagged will be automatically disqualified from the contest.  Tags must be properly and completely filled out, the date cut or punched out, and the tag properly secured to be legal. 


    • Antler growth originating from a location on the skull other than the two main beams will not be scored.


    • To qualify for scoring in the “Best of Texas” Big Buck Contest, the trophy must be a clean, typical deer, having two main beams.


    • Deer tie-breaker will be:  1st – longest tine, 2nd-earliest entry date.


    • The minimum score required for winning a prize in the buck divisions will be 110 Gross B&C total inches.  Exceptions to the 110 minimum will be the Best Eight Point, Best Spike, the Archery Division and ALL Youth Categories.


    • A contestant is required to place his/her buck in a DIVISION at the time of scoring and must initial and date score sheet at that time.


    • If a trophy is entered “in velvet,” it will be scored in velvet and a 5% shrinkage will be applied to the final score.


    • Drop tines originating from the main beam will be scored and do count as a point.


    • “Stickers” originating from a “point” WILL BE SCORED. 


    • Contestants hunting early youth hunts or MLD permits will qualify for scoring.  Documentation for MLD permit hunts must accompany the trophy at the time of scoring.


    • The scoring system used for the “Best of Texas” contest will be a GROSS type Boone & Crockett scoring system.  A score sheet explaining our system is available by contacting the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture at 361-782-7146.


    • The High Fence Division is defined as Texas property that is completely enclosed or fenced with game proof high fencing and includes pastures with non-game proof fencing or cross fencing that lies within a larger property that is completely fenced with game proof high fencing.


    • Best High Fence Buck Category 3.1; This category includes all Texas Whitetail buck deer that have NEVER been in a regulated breeding program and/or subsequently released and harvested by ANY legal means.  The definition of a regulated breeding program is any action that requires a Texas Parks and Wildlife permit (including DMP, Deer Management Permit).  ANY buck that has a noticeable tag, tag hole or State ID tattoo, mark or branding will NOT be accepted for entry.  Any buck from Texas submitted for score in the State of Texas High Fence Division categories MUST have the cape still attached (cape unskinned from skull and antlers) to the head for determination of entry acceptance.  Any buck from Texas in High Fence Division that is submitted WITHOUT the cape attached to the head and antlers (bare antlers) will not be accepted into the BOT Contest.  It is up to the sole discretion of the Best of Texas Committee on any entry acceptance or denial, as we see fit in order to ensure the integrity of other divisions and categories in the Best of Texas contest.


    • Best High Fence Youth Buck (3.2), CAN NOT be tagged, tattooed, marked or branded or show signs of any tag hole in ear as defined above      


    • The SOUTH TEXAS DIVISION (Low fence only) consists of the following counties:  Aransas, Atascosa, Bee, Brooks, Cameron, Dimmit, Duval, Frio, Hidalgo, Jim Hogg, Jim Wells, Kennedy, Kleberg, LaSalle, Live Oak, Maverick, McMullen, Nueces, Refugio, San Patricio, Starr, Webb, Willacy, Zavalla, and Zapata.



    • An eight-point buck will be scored as an eight as long as all points originate from the main beam.  Must be a basic eight point with NO other B&C scoreable or qualifying points or kickers.   A 4X4 with a drop tine will be a nine point and will not qualify.  A 3X5 will qualify as an eight point.


    • For an EIGHT POINT to qualify it must have two main beams.  A beam must be a minimum of 1” long to qualify.


    • The BEST SPIKE CATEGORIES DO NOT include the counties listed in the South Texas Division.  


    • The BEST SPIKE CATEGORY scoring will be the combination of the longest possible measurement of both antlers.


    • We will not take circumference measurements.  We will simply add the length of both tines to get a total score.


    • Should there be a point extending from the beam that is less than 1” in length, the buck will be considered a spike.  If the point exceeds 1”, then the buck will be ineligible for the BEST SPIKE CATEGORY.

    Wild Hog Contest Rules

    • All hogs must be field dressed prior to weighing.  However, the sex organs MUST remain attached to prove gender. 


    • “Field Dressed” will mean brisket area split with no entrails, no heart, no lungs, no liver, no kidneys, and the official “Best of Texas” scorer will determine if the hog meets the “field dressed” criteria.  If the hog is not field dressed, the entry will be declined for scoring until such time the hog meets the criteria.  No processing will be allowed at a location designated as an official “Best of Texas” scoring site. 


    • Hogs will not be weighed after 10:00 p.m. on any night or before 2:00 p.m. on Sundays.


    • Hogs cannot be “barrows” – they can be female or male, but they must have been free range.  Any hog caught, castrated, and then released for future harvest will not be eligible. 


    • Hogs cannot have been raised in a small deer proof fence area or pen, and then released for harvest. 


    • Hogs cannot be harvested from within a deer proof fence area which is less than 500 acres.


    • Hogs that are decomposing and not considered edible (spoiled meat) or slipping hair WILL NOT be weighed.  Hogs at weigh-in must be of edible quality.  


    • The Hog score will consist of the BEST SINGLE HOG WEIGHT – ONLY ONE (1) hog will be officially weighed per category with the exception of the Heaviest Boar Category 6.1, *a one (1) time only Mulligan/Swap can be purchased for an additional $50 per hunter if that hunter harvests a larger Boar Hog later in the BOT Contest.  The replaced Boar Hog will then be completely eliminated from the BOT Contest


    • Wild Hogs can be trapped (removed from trap within 24 hours of trapping), firearm harvested, dog harvested, or harvested by bow and arrow or crossbow.  Any TPWD legal and lawful sport method of harvesting a hog is permissible.


    • Hogs taken by a group of hunters will be scored for the individual whom actually harvested the hog.  If it cannot be determined who harvested the hog, the trophy will not be scored for any contest.


    • Any domesticated hog will not be weighed for the contest.  The hog must be of wild Feral or Russian boar influence.  Erect ears, split type hair, and larger front shoulders than hind hams will indicate a good wild Feral or Russian breeding influence.


    • Hog tie-breaker will be the earliest hog weighed.


    • Hogs under Archery Only Category 6.3, can be either sex and only harvested by legal bow and arrow and/or crossbow as described in TPWD outdoor annual rules. NO hog with firearm wounds or evidence of dog fighting or chewing will be weighed in the Heaviest Archery Only Hog 6.3 Category.

    Photo Contest

    • Contestants may enter only one (1) photograph per category.


    • Photographs presented for entry must be 8”x10” size.


    • Photographs must be received by a BOT official on or before Friday, January 18, 2019.


    • ALL Photographs become property of BOT once received.


    • Photograph judges will be appointed by the BOT committee and their decision is final.


    • NO commercial or professional photographers allowed in contest


    • Game Camera Photos must be stamped by Game Camera Brand


    • Two (2) Photography Categories:                         


    1) Best Wildlife Scene—can include campsite photos. Example: waterfowl, deer, hogs, raccoons, exotics, birds, etc.


    2) Best Game Camera Photo— must be stamped with game camera logo.




    Rules Revised 07/18/2018 JRD