Jackson County is one of the original 23 counties created in the State of Texas on March 17, 1836, and is named for Andrew Jackson, then President of the United States.  Below are some points of historic interest in Jackson County:


Historic Texana Church

Jackson County's oldest church was built in 1859. It is has recently been restored and moved to the Brackenridge Park Campground on Hwy. 111, 6 1/2 mi. east of Edna. Tours for viewing are available.

La Salle Odyssey

An eight-museum tour with exhibits that depict the epic story of La Salle's expedition.  Each exhibit tells a portion of the larger story and each displays artifacts from La Salle's ship, La Belle, which was recently recovered from Matagorda Bay.  The museums are located in six counties, all of which are members of the Texas Settlement Region.  The saga begins at Texana Museum located in Edna.  (See below)


Texana Museum & Library Association

403 N. Wells, Edna, TX 77957



One of the most interesting places to visit in Jackson County is the Texana Museum.  A wealth of information on early Jackson County is housed in the museum library, including an exhibit on the Karankawa Indians and their role in the La Salle Expedition.  This exhibit is one of eight in the La Salle Odyssey (see above).  Also featured are a rare violin dated at more than 300 years old, a rosewood Chickering Piano over 135 years old, a cowboy display, old country store, turn of the century dentist's office and much more.  Open Thursday and Friday, 1-5 p.m. or by appointment for groups.